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About Good Wealth Management

Not your grandfather’s stockbroker. We are a full-service wealth management firm with offices in Harrisonburg, VA and Fairfax, VA.  We provide top notch service to clients in 22+ states: we pride ourselves on being completely independent and we are closely aligned with our clients –not the interests of a corporate entity. Through our Hybrid RIA Branch, we have agreements with custodians such as Charles Schwab, Fidelity and LPL Financial. And we love technology.

Experienced Advisor? Join Our Office

Do you really own your book? Let’s talk about Independence and Flexibility with our Hybrid Model. Let’s focus on ways we can help you improve the service you offer your clients. Let’s focus on ways we can help you improve profitability. Let’s talk about taking control of your own book of business. We know how to do it — let’s talk, confidentially.

Contact Dan Uribe, Managing Partner, for an open and confidential conversation.

In a clear shift, advisors are moving from the wirehouse firms to independent models. But why? Watch the short video below:

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