University Professionals

University Professionals

As a University Professional, you’ve spent countless hours preparing young people for their futures, which may mean you’ve had less time to prepare for your own. When you begin to think about the next phase of your life you may have questions about your finances that you have not had to think about before. Should I accept a contract buyout? What should I do with my TIAA- CREF* or other 403 (b) plan? How will income from royalties, consulting or part-time teaching affect my taxes and benefits? With over twenty years of experience, we can help you develop a financial strategy that reflects your unique choices, and puts you on a path to the retirement you want. Click below for a short video:

(*TIAA-Cref is not affiliated with LPL Financial.)


 Truly Independent

Truly Independent: our trusted custodians include: Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and LPL Financial


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