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What’s YOUR speed limit? – Does your portfolio fit you?

Your risk number is like a speed limit. While you may feel comfortable driving 65 MPH under normal conditions, other drivers wouldn’t dare to reach 50 MPH. And when the weather changes, you drive slower. Just as weather conditions fluctuate, so do the markets.
So what’s YOUR speed limit?  Let’s find out in 3 easy steps!

Your risk number will indicate to you what your “comfort zone” really is as a driver (or investor). You may find that you are driving over your personal speed limit, or that you should slightly increase the “speed” of your investment plan. Taking control of your financial life also means that you should understand your personal speed limit. Let’s get started:

Step 1)

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Step 1

Step 2)

Answer a few short questions.
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Step 3)

Verify your answers and submit.
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